Dr Costa Clara

As you know, over the past ten years we have witnessed an alarming increase in the positional skull deformities in paediatric neurosurgery consultation. These deformities can be treated easily by the primary care paediatricians with repositioning and the pillow that you promote, hence avoid helmet therapy in majority of the cases.

Lisa Hudson

I have a 17 week old son and he had a very noticeable flat spot on one side of the back of his head. I was very concerned and ordered your pillow. I have to say I was a sceptic, but after just 2 weeks there is a noticeable difference!! His head is already rounding […]

Joyaa Antares

To date I have had nothing but good feedback for the Mimos pillows from the parents of my clients. For myself, I particularly like the very high “breathability” of the foam used, which the manufacturers claim to be a very high “94%”. It is certainly far better than some of the other, cheaper pillow products […]